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  • Men’s Foulie Faceoff
     Subscribers OnlyChoosing a new set of foul-weather gear is not a decision most sailors take lightly. With mid-range gear priced...
  • Earth, Wind, and Water
     Subscribers OnlyEach foul-weather garment was subject to a series of rigorous tests designed to measure resistance to the elements,...
  • Foul-weather Gear Must-haves
     Subscribers OnlyAt the very least, foul-weather gear must be warm, dry, and comfortable. It also should be easy to adjust and fasten,...
  • Staying Warm
    Hard-core dinghy sailors affectionately refer to their drysuit as “the bag,” and until recently, it’s...
  • Testing Telemedicine’s Limits
    Early into the 645-mile race between Marion, Mass., and the island of Bermuda in 2009, trouble brewed aboard the C&C...
  • Keep Your Lid On
     Subscribers OnlyWhat’s the best sailing hat? Testers set out to find a wide-brimmed sailing hat that offers lots of sun...

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Which of the following best describes your approach to bottom paint?
I choose my own paint, but I let a professional apply (521 votes)


I let a professional apply the paint that he (or boatyard) recommends. (329 votes)


I choose my own paint and I apply it. (1639 votes)


I apply paint that a local professional or boatyard recommends. (254 votes)