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  • Hand Laid in the USA
     Subscribers OnlyWorkers at Pacific Seacraft laminate these hulls by hand, using vinylester resin and layers of biaxial fiberglass...
  • Boat Review: Jackett Packet
     Subscribers OnlyWhen classical musicians start playing rock and roll, fans take note. When their first song’s a hit, everyone...
  • BJ40: A Well-designed and Well-built Racer-Cruiser
     Subscribers OnlyThe fiber-to-resin ratio was increased through a vacuum-assisted resin infusion, a process that better wets out the...

Reader Questionnaire

Which of the following best describes your approach to bottom paint?
I choose my own paint, but I let a professional apply (521 votes)


I let a professional apply the paint that he (or boatyard) recommends. (329 votes)


I choose my own paint and I apply it. (1639 votes)


I apply paint that a local professional or boatyard recommends. (254 votes)