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Although you’re unlikely to see many Pacific Seacraft 31s winning races, the cruiser is ideal for couples planning to voyage far afield.

Living Small on the Big Sea

Tiny-house movement meets ‘luxury’ boat in Pacific Seacraft 31.

Readers familiar with the work of William Crealock—the renowned designer of the Crealock 37, the Cabo Rico 34, the Dana 24, and at least 30 other production-built vessels—understand that his designs are steeped in practicality. Crealock famously wrote: “Seaworthiness in a cruising boat has to be the No. 1 consideration. It doesn’t matter how cute the boat is if it doesn’t get [to the destination] in one piece.” And those familiar with his life are aware that his knowledge of sailing wasn’t just grounded in the study of design, but also in extensive hands-on experience at sea—an imperative for any designer of boats intended for offshore.

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