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Towing guru Marc Bowen rigs up a dolly to replace a broken axle that had left Practical Sailor Technical Editor Ralph Naranjo’s Carl Alberg-designed Cape Dory Typhoon stranded on the boat ramp near Annapolis, Md.

Bringing an Old Boat Trailer Back to Life

An embarrassing boat-ramp breakdown yields lasting lessons.

Over the years, we’ve stressed the importance of keeping a close eye on stainless-steel sailboat hardware and why pitting, crevice-corrosion, and galvanic action are the enemies. But we may have downplayed the need to be aware of how plain old ferrous-metal oxidation comes into the picture. Mild steel and high-carbon steel are even more prone to corrosion, and despite the fact that the oxidation is far easier to spot on these metals, this ticking timebomb somehow gets ignored.

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