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The lashed-together Polynesian voyaging catamaran Hokule’a (top) stands in stark contrast to the crossbow-taught carbon-fiber hull and rig of the Gunboat 62 (bottom).

Multihull Madness

Tracing the evolution of the modern multihull.

Some say that markets afford a true test of a product’s value, if so, then boat shows are a great place to test the waters. Over the last two decades, in-water show attendees have noticed how catamarans and trimarans have taken over more and more slip space. Apparently, a growing number of boat buyers are convinced that two or three hulls are better than one. Skeptics still question whether this is a case of design breakthrough or more an example of a marketing success. We think it’s probably a good dose of each, and it’s time to take a close look at what’s really driving this multihull mania.

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