Sailboats 31-35 feet

With a double headsail setup, the Allied Seawind II ketch rig capitalizes on sail-area potential in light winds and calm conditions.

Capable Cruiser: The Seawind II

Allied Yachts’ Seawind sequel is built bluewater tough for offshore life.

Allied Yachts secured its place in the boatbuilding pantheon with its original Seawind ketch, which was launched in 1962 and was the first fiberglass boat to circumnavigate, and the Luders 33, which was recognized as a classic design of the era preceding the fin-keel racer-cruiser. Unfortunately, while its products were heading for glory on the high seas, the company was headed for the boneyard, thanks to mediocre management, severe under-exposure, and the vagaries of the boat-buying public. But by the time Allied went out of business for the fifth and final time in 1981, they had developed a reputation for fashioning solidly built (if uninspiringly finished) boats, unabashedly oriented toward cruising.

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