Sailboats 31-35 feet

More than 200 C&C 33s were built, including the Chicago-based Sea Dancer (above), a 1988 hull. Designed as a club racer and coastal cruiser, the 33 fit a growing niche of sailors looking for quality but not luxury, and speed balanced with seaworthiness.

The Dual-Purpose C&C 33 Mark II

The old ‘new’ C&C 33 proves to be a formidable racer that can also deliver you over the horizon.

When the C&C company shut down operations in 1986, it was big news in the North American boating community. Since the company’s formation in 1969, it had been a stalwart of the industry—the leading Canadian builder, by far, and one of the major brands wherever fiberglass sailboats raced or cruised.

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