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  • Types of Filter Media
    Water filtration isn’t rocket science, but some filter media is better suited for the marine environment than...
  • Filters for Water Tank Vents
    Ever find a bug doing the backstroke in your water tank? We have. Would you leave a glass of water sitting uncovered...
  • What’s the Voltage for Charging Gel Cells?
     Subscribers OnlyI just received the latest Waypoints e-letter about gel batteries, where you state “they must be charged at no...
  • Fighting Sulfation in AGMs
     Subscribers OnlyIn recent years, the popularity of absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries has soared, yet few owners truly know how to...
  • Tracking Batteries
     Subscribers OnlyEach AGM battery we tested underwent a minimum of five discharge and recharge cycles to a loaded 11.7 volts before...
  • 12 Ways to Extend Your AGM Battery’s Life
    12 Ways to Extend Your AGM Battery’s Life
  • DIY Engine Oil Tests
     Subscribers OnlySailors obsess over the health of their engine; it is the heart of the boat (other than the rig, sails, and...
  • Heart Replacement
     Subscribers OnlySixteen years ago, contributing writers Joe and Lee Minick equipped their Mason 43, Southern Cross, with a Heart...

Reader Questionnaire

Which of the following best describes your approach to bottom paint?
I choose my own paint, but I let a professional apply (521 votes)


I let a professional apply the paint that he (or boatyard) recommends. (329 votes)


I choose my own paint and I apply it. (1639 votes)


I apply paint that a local professional or boatyard recommends. (254 votes)