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  • Tracking Batteries
     Subscribers OnlyEach AGM battery we tested underwent a minimum of five discharge and recharge cycles to a loaded 11.7 volts before...
  • 12 Ways to Extend Your AGM Battery’s Life
    12 Ways to Extend Your AGM Battery’s Life
  • DIY Engine Oil Tests
     Subscribers OnlySailors obsess over the health of their engine; it is the heart of the boat (other than the rig, sails, and...
  • Heart Replacement
     Subscribers OnlySixteen years ago, contributing writers Joe and Lee Minick equipped their Mason 43, Southern Cross, with a Heart...
  • Taking the Other Way Home
    Our 38-foot catamaran, Josepheline, was built by Lightwave Yachts near Brisbane, Australia. Josepheline draws 3 feet,...
  • Painting Water Tanks
     Subscribers OnlyWhen it comes to onboard water tanks, we prefer stainless, fiberglass, and even roto-molded tanks (in that order) to...
  • Engine Coolant Replacement
    In your recent article on engine coolants (see PS October 2014 online), you wrote about replacement intervals for...

Reader Questionnaire

Which of the following best describes your approach to bottom paint?
I choose my own paint, but I let a professional apply (521 votes)


I let a professional apply the paint that he (or boatyard) recommends. (329 votes)


I choose my own paint and I apply it. (1639 votes)


I apply paint that a local professional or boatyard recommends. (254 votes)