The hose clamps before (above left) and after 18 months in a salt bath (above right). The ABA and AWAB clamps (below) clearly have better corrosion resistance than the others that we tested (above right).

AWAB, ABA Top Long-term Test

General-purpose, relatively inexpensive hose clamps are all over most boats, but there are some applications where using a higher quality, “corrosion resistant” clamp is critical—such as engine hoses and through-hulls. Most quality clamps are stamped “stainless steel,” but there are many grades of steel, and making an alloy stainless and corrosion resistant is complicated and costly. You start with iron, which rusts easily, and through multiple processes, you add proportions of elements such as nickel, manganese, molybdenum, and chromium. Different percentages of these elements will improve the desired strength, hardness, and flexibility, as well as corrosion resistance, of the steel.

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