Wind, Speed, and Depth Instruments

Tester Bill Bishop, who blogs at “The Marine Electronic Installer’s Rant,” checks the Maretron WS0 100 for proper alignment.

Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Test

Maretron’s WSO 100 bird-proof design offers an alluring option.

Beginning in March 2014 with a review of wind sensors, Practical Sailor embarked on a series of articles on wind instruments. The series kicked off with a look at mechanical, mast-mounted sensors (see PS March 2014 online); Part II compared the various ways that wind data is computed and displayed (see PS May 2014 online); and Part III sought to find the ideal system, matching sensors and displays from different brands (see PS August 2014 online). The ink had hardly dried after the first round of testing, when readers began asking about ultrasonic wind sensors, which appear to offer a number of advantages over conventional mechanical sensors and their revolving-cup sensors.

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