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The Best Products for Staying Clean Onboard

Practical Sailor tested more than 20 phosphate-free body washes, shower gels, bar soaps, and body wipes to see what keeps us clean and green onboard, whether we’re washing our bodies in salt water or fresh water. We looked at ingredients, price, pH levels, lather qualities, ease of rinsing with limited water, and performance. Body washes such as Dr. Bronner’s, Campsuds, and All Terrain Wonder Wash suggested multi-uses including body washing, laundry and dish washing. Savon de Mer, Sea to Summit Trek and Travel, and Davis Aqua Lather promote body washing in both salt and fresh water. Testers liked both products from Avalon Organics, and liked the price point value of Whole Foods 365 Shower Gel.

Which is the Best Marine Inverter-charger for Your Boat?

To decide which marine inverter-charger best meets your onboard power demands, first consider how it will used, how and where it will be mounted and what is required to fit with your electrical system. After testing multiple marine inverter-chargers, Practical Sailor offers this report on the units’ inverter capabilities and a follow-up review will report on the units’ charger functions. There are two classes of marine DC inverters: true sine wave (TSW) and modified sine wave (MSW). Each uses a different method to produce AC voltage. Practical Sailor evaluated modified sine wave units from Charles Industries, Magnum Energy, ProMariner, and Tripp Lite, and true sine wave units from Magnum, Mastervolt, ProMariner, and Xantrex.

Green Boating From a Practical Perspective

Before diving into the topic of responsible boating, we’re required to say something about global warming and carbon. Primordial carbon was sequestered by several...

Water Tank Filters

You would think that with all the emphasis cruising sailors put on their boats and equipment, we would pay a little more attention to ensuring a clean and safe supply of water. This is less a concern in developed countries, where dockside water is safely treated or bottled water is affordable and readily available. However, once you begin to expand your horizons, ensuring a clean water supply requires more thought and effort. This is the first report in a three-part series on equipment and practices that no matter where you and your boat are, you can be reasonably sure that your on-board water supply is safe.

Mailport: August 2010

Letters from the August 2010 issue of Practical Sailor. Subjects include: Shore anchoring, feathering props, earth-friendly cleaning products, staying hydrated and dink repairs.