Abby Sunderland Awaits Rescue

Posted by Darrell Nicholson at 05:20PM - Comments: (1)

Like any sailor, I was very relieved to hear that Abby Sunderland (right) was alive and well after a harrowing dismasting in the Indian Ocean. The 16-year-old teen was attempting to become the youngest sailor to circumnavigate when her boat was dismasted in the Indian Ocean.

Iíll be first to say that many teens today could use role models like Abby who dare to dream, and carry out the hard work to fulfill those dreams. But the recent parade of teenagers (each younger than the one prior) setting out to be the youngest sailor circumnavigators raises some serious questions about how we in the media should approach the topic.

Is it right for media outlets to publicize quests to become the youngest circumnavigator. If so, do we not draw the line somewhere?

When framing this discussion, one thing I try to remember is that a solo sailor is not putting only himself at risk. He also presents a small, but very real risk to others in his path.

Comments (1)

I believe that too many media outlets sensationalise events in an attempt to boost subscriptions. The result is this kind of risk talking to gain notoriety.

Posted by: BILL S | March 25, 2011 8:48 AM    Report this comment

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