New High-Tech Rope from Yale

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If you are shopping for new halyards, don’t miss the November issue of Practical Sailor. Just as we were putting the final edits on next month’s comprehensive review of running rigging, Tom Yale, of Yale Cordage, unveiled the company’s new Ph.D. (Performance Handling Delivered) single-braid Spectra 1000/polyester line. Our test focuses on double-braid ropes, and Ph.D. is a single-braid product, but it appears to be an excellent contender for those who are looking to upgrade their running rigging. We look forward to testing it, and other single braids like it in the near future.

Technical Editor Ralph Naranjo filed this report from Annapolis, Md., where he was attending the U.S. Sailboat Show last weekend:

“The rope’s filament bundles have a unique polyester coating and the approach allows a Spectra-to-Polyester ratio of 85/15, much greater than the 60/40 ratio found in conventional double braids. Its supple, hockle-free, grippy feel has been a big hit with pro sailors who have been beta testing the line as main- and jib-sheet cordage. I tested the company’s claim of a product that could be eye-spliced in under three minutes, and confirmed that a double-tuck-and-bury-the-core splice could be formed in less than three minutes, and that the braided and hollow core can be undone, even after it had been placed under load.”

For a comprehensive comparison of the abrasion resistance of 24 different double-braid ropes see the November issue of Practical Sailor, available online next week.

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