O Tayana 37, How do I Loathe Thee?

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Courtesy of James Hambly
Courtesy of James Hambly

James Hambly's Esparanza reflects the alluring lines of Bob Perry's quintessential cruising sailboat, the Tayana 37.

O, Tayana 37! How many poor souls will thee ensnare with thy seduction? How can 600 or so cruising sailors be so wrong?

O, how much I loathe thee! Let me count the ways.

  1. I loathe thee for your lovely teak decks, prone to leaking, hot to touch in the tropics, and forever accumulating dirt.
  2. I loathe thee for thy alluring bowsprit, a precarious perch for any man, much less one with two hip replacements.
  3. I loathe thee for thy water tank sloshing in the bow, turning thee into a teeter-totter when the mildest swell rolls into the bay.
  4. I loathe thee for thy encapsulated iron ballast, and its penchant for invisibly corroding—out of sight and out of mind.
  5. I loathe thee for thy Constellation rudder and how thee moves in reverse as gracefully as a hippo backing down circular stairs.
  6. I loathe thee for thy club-footed staysail that refuses to tack and yearns to club my shins just below the knees.
  7. I loathe thee for thy tiny cockpit and cozy cabin, assuring that any in-laws vowing to visit in Martinique will not stay for long.
  8. I loathe thee for thy gleaming brightwork and its persuasive message: To own a low-maintenance boat is to admit defeat to a plastic god.
  9. I loathe thee for thy designer Bob Perry, who is too damned good-natured for anyone’s good.
  10. I loathe thee for the happy couples aboard thee, dining on fresh-caught conch fritters, blogging from paradise. (Is there not one Tayana 37 with a belligerent, combative crew?)
  11. I loathe thee for thy mighty bulwarks and the impression of strength they convey—water cascading harmlessly down the lee rail, and thee with a bone in thy teeth.
  12. But most of all I loathe thee for thy cruel heart. While stale, look-alike boats linger here in the harbor, gloating over their open transoms and fast, flat bottoms, thee and thy sweet Baltic stern will soon disappear over the horizon . . . leaving me high and dry.

For more reasons to loathe (or love) the Tayana 37, see our full review in the November 2015 issue of Practical Sailor.

Comments (4)

Tayana 52, 1990 model, Teak decks, Perkins 72 HP, Solar panel, 5 batteries, Genoa new 2002, 3 cab/2 head layout, Joker dinghy, Mariner 15 HP OB, davits and much more...
Very good example of the Tayana 52, in good condition and ready to sail.

Posted by: finikeyachting | September 4, 2016 3:06 AM    Report this comment

Bob Perry designed sailboats are like attractive women -- their seductive beauty subterfuges sensible decision-making.

Posted by: RichC | October 14, 2015 12:10 PM    Report this comment

I have hip replace ment ones other right side is going to I don't know my future sailing will go.

Posted by: Marmaris1 | October 9, 2015 8:20 PM    Report this comment

The only boat that took a knock down going into the Azores while all others sailed through the storm, was a Tayana 37, the skipper had two circumnavigations and was a retired navy Capt,

Posted by: john orr 76109 | October 7, 2015 1:45 PM    Report this comment

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