PS Advisor: 07/01/04

Picking NitsI am using a laptop computer in the cockpit for navigation purposes. My problem is the "washout" appearance of the charts due to...

Mailport 07/01/98

Another Inner Forestay Stowage MethodThis system was on our CAL 39 when I bought it and works very well. We have a 140% genoa...

Mailport: Seawind Treasure Trove

Seakindly with sweet lines and good bones, the 30-foot Allied Seawind remains for me the benchmark of a good small bluewater sailboat. Designed by Thomas Gilmer and launched in 1960, 161 of these sturdy vessels were produced by the end of the run in 1973. That was the same year I bought my own Seawind, hull #122, built in 1969. I had no idea at the time that I would still be sailing the same boat 44 years later.

Marine Maintenance Q&As

I cannot eliminate the smell of diesel fuel from my boat. The previous owner had a fuel leak that soaked the wood under the fuel tank. The tank has since been fixed, but the odor remains. Any advice?

Weather & Navigation Seminars Set for October 2018

On October 9-10, hell be conducting a 2-day introduction to celestial navigation. The course covers introduction to the basic skills required for celestial navigation. Topics include introduction to taking a sun sights with a sextant, reading time and arc, using sight reduction tables (Publication 229), reducing sights by calculator, and identifying celestial bodies.

Mailport: 11/01

Ralph KershawOur sport, the marine industry, and many of us personally lost a man ofhonesty, integrity, professionalism, and deep knowledge on September11, 2001. Less...

Mailport: 08/01/02

Centerboarder's DefenseI couldn't let your PS Advisor of May 15th on Deep vs. Shoal Keels go by without some rebuttal. While your advice...

Mailport: The Ideal Dog?

In response to your recent blog post on Inside Practical Sailor regarding dogs on boats, weve had two schipperkes aboard more than a half dozen boats for the past 25 years, and theyve been everything we could ask for in boat dogs. Smart, attentive, loving, mischief-loving, and, did I say smart? Katy, who lived to 13, and Dory, who is 121/2 and still going strong, have been ideal boat dogs for my wife and I.

PS Advisor

Gelcoat CrazingFor the past (too many to admit) years I have been working on the completion of a Corbin 39. Recently I have noticed...

Mounting an SSB Antenna on a Gaff-rig boat

Any suggestions for an SSB-radio antenna installation on a 32-foot boat with a gaff rig and no backstay? Also, the hull is mild steel, and the standing rigging is galvanized wire, except the forestays, which are stainless.

Shaping the Cruising Spinnaker

In designing an asymmetrical cruising spinnaker, most sailmakers begin with the boats fore-triangle rig dimensions (I and J), and combine those with information about the intended use of the sail (tight reaching, reaching, or running) and information regarding where the sail will be used.