HypothermiaIn September 1999, British and Swedish scientists published observations about swimmers in cold water that are of interest to recreational boaters.They found that the...

PS Advisor 05/15/01

Repowering With An OutboardCan one place an outboard engine in the lazarette of a 1966 27-foot Bristol standard cruisers sailboat? I have a 25-horse...

Mailport: May 2016

In your February 2016 issue, you had an article about boarding steps. As the freeboard is getting higher and higher on modern boats, there is a need for a practical solution to easily getting on and off the boat. I thought the Edson One-Step ( that you reviewed was a good solution, so I bought one. Overall, I found it worked pretty well; however, it has a narrow profile that makes the step fairly small. So I came up with my own custom adaptation to that problem (see accompanying photos). Basically, I added a teak step to the Edson frame. It works great. The only real downside is storage.

Mailport: 05/07

There used to be a product available called CARD. I believe it was short for Collision Avoidance Radar Detector. As I understand it, it picked up the signal of a ship using its radar and had a nifty little display in the shape of a ship to show you what sector the ship was in, relative to you, and a means to interpret its distance away. I cannot find info on the unit anywhere, and since I do not have radar on our boat, I thought it would be a good addition. Do you have any knowledge of it? Have you reviewed it?

Combatting Weevils

Most rice and grain sold in western countries is fumigated, generally with phosphine. However, this often kills only the live insects, leaving the eggs able to germinate. Surely there are other ways available to the cruisers to extend the life of rice and grains.

Mailport 03/99

Monel Keel BoltsOn the Rhodes Reliant, designed by Philip Rhodes and built by Cheoy Lee between 1964-68, the external lead keel is secured by...

PS Advisor: 12/01

Bottom Paint Out of WaterI have read several of your test comparisons of bottom paints and found them useful. However, there is one point...

PS Advisor: 06/05

What of Pearson Yachts?We just bought an old Triton, a 28' Pearson boat built in the 1960s. We're going to restore her. How many...

Mailport: 03/07

Based on your recent ranking of Franmar Soy Strip as the top-rated antifouling stripper ("Stripper Showdown," November 2006), I purchased two gallons of that product to remove four coats of six-year-old Interlux Micron Extra self-polishing paint that we had applied over Interlux Interprotect 2000E on our Caliber 33. I tried several methods of using the Soy Strip from leaving it on for six hours covered with plastic wrap, to scraping it off after one hour and I found that the Soy Strip was totally inadequate in removing this paint.

Mailport 05/01/01

Battery IsolationThe March 2001 Gear Survey article discussed an electronic battery isolator. I had a similar problem with a three-battery system with a diode...

The Ins and Outs of Aftermarket Bowsprits for Light-air Sails

A salty Kiwi named Ross Norgrove once said that the most important tool for the owner of a wooden yawl adorned with a bowsprit is a sharp ax. To some degree, his witty comment holds true for contemporary sailors contemplating a mini-bowsprit.