Oil and Fuel Filters

One Practical Sailor contributor, the manager of a custom boatbuilding and repair/refit yard, had this reply: "Not all filters are created equally: There are differences from filter to filter. We see no problem using after-market filters whose reputations are proven: brand names such as Fram (makes filters for Honda, Chrysler, and others), NAPA, Wix (Wix actually manufactures NAPAs Silver and Gold series filters), Fleetguard (owned by Cummins Filtration), and Baldwin to name a few.

Mailport: Water Lift Muffler, Drogues, Hunter 30, and More!

After corrosion destroyed the water-lift muffler aboard his 1972 Irwin 37 (above) and he could not find a replacement, subscriber Gene Millard fabricated his own.

Mailport: 09/04

Sears and Co.It is always interesting to read Where Credit is Due in PS. Sad to say, no credit is due to the Sears...

Mailport: April 2020

Alphabetical Boat Reviews? What happened to your alphabetized boat reviews. I’m looking for a boat and can’t find...

Mailport: December 2013

Your tape test (PS, October 2013) did not include 3M 256, but I thought Id pass on a lesson learned to your readers. Having recently completed painting my deck, for the first time in 37 years, I encountered an unforeseen problem.

PS Advisor: Black Streak Blues

I use Collinte’s No. 885 Heavy-duty Fleetwax in the Chesapeake Bay area, and I’ve been impressed with how well water still beads each spring as I wash the hull in preparation for a new coat. But no matter how nice the shine, black streaks develop, starting with the first rain following waxing. I think the boat would look better with no wax than with wax with black streaks.

Mailport: 05/01/04

KnivesHaving read your recent article concerning sailor's knives in the March '04 issue, I forward a comment. To obtain superior performance, one usually has...

Try a Barber Hauler for Better Sail Trim

If you can't position the jib clew exactly where you want it on all courses and in all weather, a barber hauler should be in your future, for even the most laid-back sailor. Here are some options.

PS Advisor 10/01/98

Keel Bolt ConundrumWe have owned an Allied 39 for 23 years. She was built in 1970 and among her strengths is an external lead...

Overheating in Docklines and Rodes

With hurricane season hitting full stride, many of us are going over our rope inventory, making sure we have more than enough lines to secure the boat. Chafe gear fights external friction on our lines, but how do we combat internal heat build-up? Dock lines are particularly susceptible to overheating. If the boat is exposed to short-period chop from the side, the frequency can be high and the force can exceed the 10:1 safe working limit, and even with rain or spray to cool the rope there may be significant weakening due to internal friction.