Avon Introduces New 10-Year Warranty

Avon is offering a new 10-year warranty on their line of inflatable boats. “We’ve had less than 1% return on our former warranty for defects and deterioration of material” states Avon West’s General Manager, Dave Geoffrey, “that’s why we feel confident in extending the warranty to 10 years.”

Dinghy Accessories: Practical Sailors Gonna Pump You Up

When youre away from shorepower, a 12-volt dinghy pump can be very useful. During our recent evaluation of marine tenders and dinghies, we used four different 12-volt inflators to pump up the rigid inflatables being tested. Practical Sailor looked at the pumps speed, efficiency, noise, and volume of pumps while running, along with each pumps nozzles and adaptors, warranty, and price. The four pumps tested were the Metro Magic Air, Rule ID20, Scoprega Bravo 12, and West Marines 12-volt inflator/deflator.

The Best Kayak Paddle and Stroke

A paddle should be selected with the same care you buy a shoe, since it is your connection to the water. For long-term cruising a spare may be good idea. A good economical choice is the Aquabound Manta Ray Fiberglass (about $100).

Deep Dirt: Whats the Best Inflatable Boat Cleaners For Stubborn Stains on a Dinghy?

The shelves these days are packed with an endless array of boat cleaners. A mild soap and elbow grease is often all that is needed. But when you are dealing with extensive coats of mold, mildew and dirt, deep cleaners are the ticket. Practical Sailor divided a neglected, filthy Avon Rover R250 into even sections and tested 11 inflatable boat cleaners. Three products scored an excellent rating. Products tested include the best products from Star Brite, MaryKate, Nautical Ease, Marine Development and Research Corp, Amazons, Seapower, Pennel & Flipo, Revival Ecological Paste, and Spray Nine.

PS Advisor 09/01/00

Inflatable vs. Hard DinghyI have recently bought a nice, old 38' Shannon ketch, and she has dinghy davits. I have no dinghy, but am...

Airdeck Rollup Boats

In a test of seven roll-up boats with inflatable decks and keels, the Zodiac Cadet 310FR ACTI-V was the top choice. Best Buy honors go to the Mercury 310 Airdeck Hypalon.

Inflatable Boats Under $1,000

Mercury's 200RU, with its stable, dry ride and standard seat, takes top honors, followed by the lighter, albeit wetter, Bombard AX-1.

Mailport: 12/06

MARINE INSURANCE REDUXI have been reading with much interest your articles about marine insurance this year (April and May 2006).

In-Water Inflatable Boat Test

20 stowable boats from eight companies are put through their paces in choppy conditions.

Uninflatable Tenders: Two Alternatives to RIBs & Roll-Ups

Once upon a time, tenders were essentially wooden or fiberglass rowboats. Then came inflatables, which are easier to stow, less likely to damage the...

Overheating in Docklines and Rodes

With hurricane season hitting full stride, many of us are going over our rope inventory, making sure we have more than enough lines to secure the boat. Chafe gear fights external friction on our lines, but how do we combat internal heat build-up? Dock lines are particularly susceptible to overheating. If the boat is exposed to short-period chop from the side, the frequency can be high and the force can exceed the 10:1 safe working limit, and even with rain or spray to cool the rope there may be significant weakening due to internal friction.