Alerion Express 38

A gentleman’s cruiser that’s easy to single-hand, great to look at, well-built, but a bit small for long-term voyaging.

Boat Test: The Last Sabre 34 Mark II

In 1985, after nearly a decade of building the popular Sabre 34, Sabre Yachts significantly revamped the design. The resulting boat-beamier, roomier, faster, and more powerful than the original-is usually referred to as the Sabre 34 Mark II. The Mark II, like its predecessor, still hews the performance-cruising line that Sabre established with the introduction of its very first boat, the Sabre 28, in 1971. The Sabre 34 Mark II is not without quirks, but its many positives far outweigh its downsides.

Comfortable Sailboat Cockpit Seating

The proportions of the human body are the basis of all design. Cockpit seating, as with any seat or chair design, is one of...

Corsair F-24 Boat Test

In May 1999 Practical Sailor reviewed the then-new Corsair F-24 Mark II trimaran. Nearly 20 years later, were here to follow up with a focus on the Corsair F-24 Mark I, a boat that can represent a good value today since many newer designs have entered the market.

Hunter 320

A good looking mid-size cruiser that beginners will find comfortable and forgiving.

Express 34, Hobie 33, Olson 34

Three of the ‘best from the west,’ these performance sloops have been out of production for 15 years but are still hot because they’re fast and built well enough for blue-water sailing.

Bristol 35.5C

The Bristol 35.5C, which also came in a full-keel version (without the "C"), is an extraordinarily orthodox boat. There simply are no extremes in design, construction or performance, unless it is in her ability to flaunt her stern downwind and burn a lot of boats when beating in light to moderate air.

Tartan 3400

Treading a fine line between speed and comfort, Tim Jackett’s new 34-footer takes advantage of an epoxy hull and carbon spars

Hunter 216

Trailerable and sporty, Hunter's new 21-footer is looking to garner market share.

Island Packet 27

The pint-sized progenitor of the IP line boasts devoted owners and solid resale value. It's a lot of cruising comfort in a small space.

Hot Water Heater Installation Tips

To keep pipe joints from leaking, use Teflon tape or pipe joint compound, and remember that hose barb-to-hose connections are much easier to make drip-proof with a hose clamp than the same connection made on a threaded pipe stub.