Pearson 303

The Pearson 303 is a big 30-footer, intended for safe coastal cruising. She admirably succeeds in doing what she was designed to do. The only risk accrues to those who mistake her for something she is not -- an offshore, passage-making boat. While it’s easy to overlook the Pearson 303 as another member of a fleet that looks depressingly similar and lacking in pizzazz, the 303 is a wholesome family cruiser with a workable, traditional interior, acceptable performance and above average construction. Hey, what’s not to like?

Beneteau 323

Beneteau recently added three new models to its line-up, including this 323 (which is actually closer to 33 feet LOA). It replaces the aging 311, which was only moderately successful in the US market. The new 323 couples good overall performance with a spacious cockpit and living accommodations suitable for four. During our test sail we learned that she's quick, and a bit tender. The Company …

Alerion Express Cat 19 and Marshall Sanderling 18

The new Alerion, by Garry Hoyt, is faster and more easily handled, but the elder Sanderling retains the catboat’s traditional appeal as well as a viable interior.

Hans Christian 34/36

Hans Christian 34/36 - While not a good boat for the weekend coastal cruiser, or for anyone who does much sailing in light-to-moderate air, this is an excellent choice for the serious blue-water sailor. This is a boat that will take you offshore to Bermuda or just about anywhere and will stand up to a gale. The 34/36 won't get you there fast, but it will get you there safely.

Bristol 27

The Bristol 27 is a product of its era and of the traditional bent of designer Carl Alberg's thinking--that is, a combination cruiser and club racer. At 6,600 pounds displacement with 2,575 pounds of internal lead ballast in its full keel, the boat is fairly heavy by contemporary standards.

Catalina 42 Mk I and Mk II

One of the most successful large boats ever built, the Catalina 42 offers good looks, comfortable accommodations, and decent sailing ability at a low price.

Alberg Owners Love Their A35s, Warts and All

Nearly every owner we spoke to about their Alberg 35 had small gripes about the boats performance, cosmetic defects, and outdated equipment. Nevertheless, it was clear that each had great confidence in the hull design and construction, and took pride in the boats enduring classic aesthetics.

Any Boat They Can Build, You Can Make Better

When the 28’ Pearson Triton appeared on the market in 1959, a revolution began in the boatbuilding industry. Fiberglass made economical mass production of boats a reality , and helped make sailing - and boat-owning - an activity for everyman. And Everywoman.For sailors who have never known boats built of anything but fiberglass, the changes in boatbuilding that can be attributed to the prosaic laminate of glass fibers and polyester resin are hard to imagine.


Built on a heritage of performance, this 43-foot sprit-boat offers a classic interior, stellar speed, and smooth handling.

Three Big-Three 30s

The Beneteau 311, Catalina 310, and Hunter 326 represent what could be called 'entry-level' cruising boats from the major makers, and here's how they could be compared...

Hot Water Heater Installation Tips

To keep pipe joints from leaking, use Teflon tape or pipe joint compound, and remember that hose barb-to-hose connections are much easier to make drip-proof with a hose clamp than the same connection made on a threaded pipe stub.