Valiant 42

With a taller rig and layout choices, Bob Perrys classic comes of age.

Alberg Owners Love Their A35s, Warts and All

Nearly every owner we spoke to about their Alberg 35 had small gripes about the boats performance, cosmetic defects, and outdated equipment. Nevertheless, it was clear that each had great confidence in the hull design and construction, and took pride in the boats enduring classic aesthetics.

Venture 21 Used-boat Review

The MacGregor Venture 21 was designed to be affordable, easy to trailer and launch, and fun to sail, with enough room below for storing gear or spending the night at anchor. With a 15-year production run (1965-1980), the Venture was aimed at new sailors, but also appealed to those who wanted to step up from an open daysailer. Its size, sail area, and hull design were tailored for lakes and bays with fickle winds of less than 15 knots. The Venture design was driven by seaworthiness and performance, but pragmatic and aesthetic appeal also guided the creation of this trailer-sailer. Testers liked the boat for coastal and lake adventures. It is a good option for those with a 2,000-pound tow capacity limit who are looking for an affordable weekender.

Do-It-Yourself Boatyards

The cost of buying and maintaining a sailboat has spiraled to an all-time high. There are a few steps sailors can take to help keep boating cost effective, including buying a sound older boat and finding a boatyard that is friendly to do-it-yourselfers. In an effort to support affordable boating, Practical Sailor has launched a reader survey on DIY yards, where boaters can rate their favorite boatyard on criteria such as protection from foul weather, boat hauling equipment, service quality and availability, Travelift operator skill, and yard ambiance. These are among the criteria PS Technical Editor Ralph Naranjo used to rate our sample DIY yard, Galesville Harbor Yacht Yard on Marylands western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Our look at Galesville and some tips on choosing the best do-it-yourself yard offer valuable insight for the DIY boat owner looking for a place to haul out.

Caring For Your Marine Diesel Engine

Expecting calms for most of the passage, we set out in a flat calm with 70 gallons of fuel. Six hours later, around mid-day, the engine wailed, screeched, clanged, and died. Hardly a ripple stirred the Gulf of Panama.