New Twist on Furlers: New Generation of Roller-Furling Systems For Light-Air-Sails Skip the Fixed...

Roller furling has pushed headsail piston-hanking headsails to the brink of extinction. But it also results in a significant loss in light-air efficiency. Meanwhile, genoas, drifters and reachers have become orphans without a stay on which to hank. A new generation of light-air roller-furling sails aims to resolve these issues. They require no fixed stay and, on a properly equipped boat, they can be set, furled, doused, and dropped with relative ease. Practical Sailor reviews seven roller-furling systems for light-air sails, including models from Bamar, CDI, Colligo, Facnor, Harken, Karver and Schaefer.

Custom-Made Hard Top Biminis

I was wondering if there is any information regarding the protocol for replacing canvas with a rigid Bimini/dodger on a small 36-foot catamaran. I could not find a review of solid Bimini replacements. We have strong stainless steel frames. They are fixed with metal struts with no flexible straps. I do want to be able to see the sails from the helm and bulkhead mount. I want to be able to take advantage of roll up clear plastic front and side curtains. Most summers my current set stays in the rolled up position. They have since shrunk enough that they can no longer be fully snapped.

PS Advisor: 01/06

Saildrive CorrosionI purchased a 1983 Sweden 41 in September, 1999. Since that time I have had to purchase three saildrives because of corrosion. I...

The Cruising Sailor’s Drivetrain

When a cruising sailor starts thinking about exploring fjords and glaciers, he starts putting a little more thought into his boat’s diesel engine and drivetrain components. High-latitude cruising sailor Andy O’Grady writes about several parts that has served him well in extreme conditions: the Kiwiprop, the Manecraft dripless prop shaft seal, the PRM150 transmission, and the K&N reusable air filter.

Snap Options

Boat canvas products—dodgers, sail covers, biminis, cockpit covers, side curtains, hatch covers, etc.—make sailing pleasant. In some cases, covers make sailing safer, like those...

The Multifarious Mainsheet

The mainsail is a big part of the motive power of almost every sailboat. The art of mainsail control, however, is a relatively modern one. One tool that greatly facilitates mainsail control is the traveler.

Shaping the Cruising Spinnaker

In designing an asymmetrical cruising spinnaker, most sailmakers begin with the boats fore-triangle rig dimensions (I and J), and combine those with information about the intended use of the sail (tight reaching, reaching, or running) and information regarding where the sail will be used.