Scully Rig

It comes in a box the size of a golf bag, and all you have to add is the boat.

High-Tech Rope Test

We'd read about problems with terminations in high-modulus line. They're true.

Eight Sailboat Cam Cleats Tested on Doomsday Device

Practical Sailor frequently tests sailboat cam cleats and their applications and even developed a machine for testing cleats: Doomsday. For this test we requested production cam cleats designed to handle 3/8-inch line and received products from Harken, Seldn, Ronstan, Garhauer, Schaefer, and Spinlock. The Doomsday machine runs the cleat through a series of tests to evaluate fuzz, neck, and abrasion, with results showing what we can expect from a cleat after a season of use. The models tested are just a sampling of the range of cam cleats offered in various sizes and materials. A racing sailor, who probably uses cam cleats more frequently than a cruiser and who is keen to keep weight down should consider a composite model. At the other end of the spectrum, a cruiser who is more concerned about durability should consider one of the heavy-duty cam cleats in the test.

Try a Barber Hauler for Better Sail Trim

If you can't position the jib clew exactly where you want it on all courses and in all weather, a barber hauler should be in your future, for even the most laid-back sailor. Here are some options.

Seldén’s In-Mast Furling System

There's not much new about in-mast furling, except for those spars that now accommodate sails with full-length vertical battens.

Adding Yarn Telltales to Your Sail

Fixed wind indicators tell the direction of the wind relative to the boat, but it is the flow within a few inches of the sail that really matters (see Top-notch Wind Indicators, January 2018).

Offshore Log:Life with the Profurl

Our headsail reefing system, anchored by a Profurl C42 furler, has had its share of teething problems, most of which are associated with our particular installation rather than with the system itself. We have been plagued with very high furling line loads, so high that it takes either two people on the line in high […]

Offshore Log: The Reefing Staysail

With a double-headsail rig, you already have some powerful gear-shifting options. Putting your staysail on a furler adds an overdrive.

Going Up the Mast Alone

A certain appeal of sailing is its seeming limitlessness. One can spend a lifetime perfecting navigation skills. Remember Marvin Creamer, who circumnavigated by the...

Snap Options

]For snap buttons, there are two tools on the market that PS knows of (there may be more) to make those last few snaps...

Sizing Up the Autumn List

Some of the best sailing I ever had was September on Narragansett Bay, pretty close to heaven in my mind. But before we let a long September reach carry us away-and hopefully carry us through winter-its a good time to take out a pen and pad, and start to build the winter work list.