Reintroducing Mr. Funnel

Clean diesel fuel is the first step toward proper engine maintenance. Thanks to an Alaska-based inventor, attaining perfection in that department has become easier and less expensive.

What Happens to Your Pumpout Waste?

California’s decision to ban sale or use of several chemicals found in marine products (above) is of interest to PS readers. After a careful...

Mailport: 12/06

MARINE INSURANCE REDUXI have been reading with much interest your articles about marine insurance this year (April and May 2006).

Mailport: Marelon Seacocks

Regarding your recent report on Seacocks (Beneteau Responds to Seacock Query, PS August 2018) I owned a 1987 Catalina 30, Mark II. It had four gate valves instead of seacocks.

Y-valve Installation Advice and Troubleshooting

All waste plumbing hoses should be kept as short and straight as possible with no dips where waste could collect. The diverter valve should be located for easy access to the selector handle and free of other stored “stuff” that could bump the handle. The handle positions should be clearly marked for no confusion as to tank or overboard. Before mounting, make sure there is enough room for all three hose fittings and hose bends. Use 120- or 90-degree hose fittings where necessary to prevent tight bends in discharge hoses, and make sure to use the correct reinforced hose designed for sanitation systems.

Rebuilding a Water-Damaged Torqeedo Motor

Were been following the Torqeedo portable electric outboard since our first test of the Travel 801 in 2008. Since then, weve put two of these motors into long-term service on test boats. Both are still operating with no major problems, but we have received a few reports from disappointed owners. PS reader John Poindexter, a retired naval officer who sails on the Chesapeake Bay, sent us an account of his experience with the Torqeedo.

Biobor EB Still Tops in Additive Rematch

In the August 2012 issue, Practical Sailor reported on the effectiveness of eight common fuel additives in reducing salt-induced galvanic corrosion in E-10 fuel systems. Some makers suggested our test was too tough and too short, so we have repeated the test, for five products, reducing the amount of seawater from 0.03 percent to 0.015 percent (equivalent to four drops of water in a 1-quart tank) and increasing the exposure time to two months. Included…

Perko, Hella, and Orca Green Shine

LED running lights are getting better all the time. Hella Marine's new NaviLED Pro series just manages to edge out Perko's 170 Series for top honors in our test, while Orca Green Marine makes the best LED tri-color.

Marine Systems: Low-capacity Electric Bilge Pumps Faceoff

On the heels of its performance evaluation of electric bilge pumps rated at 1,600-gallons per hour (GPH) or more, Practical Sailor bench tests 10 smaller pumps rated at 1,500 GPH or less. These smaller centrifugal pumps are a good fit for small boats or as a primary bilge pump when installed in conjunction with a high-capacity bilge pump. When selecting the best overall pump from such a diverse group, a number of factors have to be considered to make the choice meaningful as it relates to the real world. In addition to performance, all of our top picks rated well for price, wiring, quality of construction, and warranty. Testers evaluated automatic bilge pumps and pumps without float switches from Shurflo, Attwood Marine, Johnson Pumps, and Rule Industries.

Getting the Charge Out of Lightning

Every year, a surprising number of boats are struck by lightning. Almost invariably, there is some damage to the boat or its equipment. The damage can range from minor electrical problems to serious hull damage.

Antifouling Paint Prices Follow Copper Surge

The antifouling coating industry is dominated by copper-based paint, so as copper prices reach their highest levels in recent history, I was curious to...