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PS Finds Out Whos Keeping It Cool

Zero Degrees is a bargain at $20; CIs Music Cooler delivers tunes to boot.

The Expensive Rolls Still a Best Buy in Deep Cycle Batteries

Rolls rates a Best Buy; West Marine's Sea Gel is the only one to exceed reserve capacity rating.

Test of Six 12-volt Watermakers

Last month we took an overview of the pros and cons of 12-volt watermakers. This month, we look at high-output machines from five manufacturers,...

Portable Cabin Heaters

Among the 12V models, the Back Seat is tops; among the 110 V models, we like the Caframo; and the alcohol-powered Origo is always a reliable standby.

Special Section – VentillationLet the Merry Breezes Blow!

Our comprehensive evaluation of ventilation accessories breaks them into four distinct categories: fans, fabric scoops, cowls and mushroom vents.

Air Conditioning at Anchor

We often get this question. My car has air conditioning when Im running down the street so why can't my boat? First, your car only has air conditioning when the engine is running, which works out fine because we only need air conditioning when the engine is running. Second, the air-conditioning load for the car is a tiny parasitic load compared to the power required to drive the car down the road. Its actually less than the increased drag caused by driving with the windows rolled down. Thus, it is more or less an engineering afterthought with regards to the energy balance of an automobile.

Offshore Log: Keeping Crud Out Of Your Fuel

Whether you’re cruising along the coast of the US or the islands of the Pacific, a load of contaminated diesel fuel can ruin your...

Mailport: October 2018

An F-24 covers as much territory as a lot of 40 footers. With speed like that, you have a lot more options for each days destination. We can really cover a lot of territory. My 1992 F-24 Mk1 actually weighs 2,507 pounds, with outboard, empty gas tanks and all required sails and safety gear. The trailer weighs about 900 pounds. After loading it up with cruising gear, the towing weight for the boat and the trailer is about 3600 pounds.

Fabric Hatch Vents: The Breeze Booster Outdraws Windscoop

Breeze Booster preferred over three other brands.

Antifouling Paint Prices Follow Copper Surge

The antifouling coating industry is dominated by copper-based paint, so as copper prices reach their highest levels in recent history, I was curious to...