MOB Prevention & Recovery


Despite recent advances in safety equipment, sailors are still falling overboard. As Practical Sailorís recent tests and investigative reports have shown, some widely promoted advice regarding harnesses, tethers, and jacklines can be misleading. Likewise, many books on seamanship continue to ignore the latest recommendations in man-overboard recovery drills.

Thatís why having the proper equipment, and knowing the right way to use it is essential.

With this new e-book from Practical Sailor, youíll be fully prepared to avertóor respond toóMOB situations by learning about the necessary gear and proven recovery procedures.

Inflatable PFD-Harnesses: They not only help keep you onboard, but they keep you afloat if you end up in the water. Learn which designs and brands are state-of-the-art for safety and comfort.

The vital link between you and your boat, the tetherís goal is to keep you out of the drink. Find out why one specific material is essential, and when and why one certain feature can be deadly.

They provide a secure and continuous means of attachment for on-deck crew. Find out which type is the safest and most durable, why choosing the right color is imperative, and whatís the best way to set up a jackline system.

MOB Recovery & Recover Aids:
From MOB modules and throw bags to the right recovery techniques for your boat, Practical Sailor explores the equipment and procedures that will be most valuable when you hear ďMan Overboard!Ē

Itís too easy for seasoned sailors to be lulled into a false sense of security, but MOB tragedies have befallen even the most professional crews. Thatís why the information in this e-book is essential, regardless of your level of experience.† So donít waitóorder your copy today!

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