Spare Parts March 2001 Issue

Spare Parts 3/01

Micrologic Repair
Reader Carl Love wrote to say, “You might want to add Bay Country Electronics to your list at 4 Dock St., Annapolis, Maryland, 410/263-3000. They indicated they were unable to find an LCD replacement part for my 15-year-old Micrologic 5500 Loran C but they successfully repaired and fully rehabilitated it by merely cleaning contacts and repairing a couple of cold solder joints. The LCD screen is back up like new. Cost $120. I’m very satisfied with all this and suggest you add Bay Country Electronics to your list of companies able to address Micrologic Loran problems.

Pearson 37 Owners Group
I was pleased to read your review of the Pearson 37 in the March 2000 issue. It reinforced my impression of our boat. As these boats age, being able to communicate with other owners regarding maintenance and problem-solving becomes important. As a result, a few of us would like to be able to communicate with the rest of the 35 or so other owners out there through a Pearson 37 Racer/Cruiser Owners Association. (Dick Winkler, 4 Busque Blvd., Standish, Maine 04084;;

Metal Boat Society
Lynn King of the Metal Boat Society wrote the following, “We welcome metal boat builders, buyers and owners to membership in our non-profit steel and aluminum boat organization. Membership includes the Metal Boat Quarterly, which includes articles covering how-to metal boat building; on-board boat systems and other related information.

“Each August, our Metal Boat Festival is held with an in-the-water boat show, seminar and exhibits, which include designers and equipment. US membership is $30 per year; outside the US its $38 per year (US funds).”

Metal Boat Society, PO Box 61856, Vancouver, WA 98666; 360/695-4861;

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