Chandlery September 2005 Issue

Accon's Pop-Up Cleat

Now you see it, now you don't, but it can firmly secure anchor, dock, or mooring lines.

Accon's 10-inch Pop-Up® cleat deployed.

Pop-Up® is a registered trademark of Accon Marine, the folks that brought us Pop-Up bow lights, quick release bimini top fittings (see PS "Chandlery" May 1, 2005), and other specialty hardware.

Accon's Pop-Up cleats, fabricated in stainless steel, offer a low-profile (just less than .25") fitting that bolts securely to the deck with four recessed fasteners. The cleat can be easily pulled up out of its housing with thumb and forefinger, and it locks in the upright, deployed position. The cleat and its lifting mechanism are housed in a stainless case. For heavier cleating loads, the case can be anchored to the vessel's structure by way of a stout threaded rod and adjustable tang that are optional (also fabricated in stainless). A stainless backing plate is also an option, as is a waterproofing cup to contain the cleat housing and any water that might drain into it.

These cleats are available in four sizes, ranging from a 4.5" cleat to a 10" cleat (from $84.27 to $181.42, respectively). That's not inexpensive, and the cleats are heavy (from 1 lb. for the 4.5" cleat to almost 10 lbs. for the 10" cleat), but when you consider that all Pop-Up cleats are warrantied for the life of the vessel under normal use, that's a reasonable bargain.


Contact - Accon Marine, Inc. 727/572-9202,

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