Chandlery November 15, 2005 Issue

Universal Hanger

Here's an easy, economical way to organize and store line, hoses, and cords.

The Universal Hanger comes with rubber caps to protect the upper and lower ends. PS removed the lower cap for this photo.

One thing missing on almost every boat is enough convenient storage. Hoses, docklines and the like seem to have a nasty habit of getting underfoot at the least convenient moment. Or, if the item you need right now is buried in a lazarette under a pile of PFDs, it can become a hassle just getting to it.

Over the years, we've encountered literally dozens of gadgets designed to help organize storage. Some have been well thought out; some have been dogs. Recently we discovered one that's simple (simple is good!), effective, versatile, and easy to use. It's the Universal Hanger.

Poli Glow, the company that sells this product, used to market the Handy Hanger—a hard plastic device now discontinued. Replacing it, the Universal Hanger is fabricated from 316 stainless steel. It measures 1" wide x 3" high x 5/8" deep. There's about a foot of 3/16" line extending from the bottom, terminating in a small steel bead. At the upper end of the device is a slot with a full-width opening that funnels down to 1/4". You simply pass the line around whatever you wish to hang up and drop the bead into the slot. To release it, just pull up on the line to disengage the bead from the slot. It's easy to use even with cold, wet hands or while wearing bulky gloves.

The Universal Hanger can be mounted to any vertical surface with two screws; the line can be replaced or shortened easily. You can also clamp it to a rail like an aft pulpit. It comes with 12" length of clear flexible plastic to use as a shim so that it fits rails from 7/8" to 1-1/4".

The basic Universal Hanger sells for $10.95 in a pack of two (not including shipping). That's a reasonable price for a useful gadget that can make life on board a little neater.


Contact - Poli Glow Products, 800/922-5013,

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