Chandlery May 2006 Issue

A Cure for Hose Clamps

With a little practice, the ClampTite whips up tidy clamps fit for marine use.

The problem with hose clamps is that you need the right ones (all stainless, including the screws), they aren’t cheap (about $2 for the smallest size), and you never seem to have the size you need.

Enter the ClampTite. The price is steep ($70 for the marine version with 8 feet of .041 gauge stainless wire), but a serious cruiser will eventually get good return by saving $1 or more per hose clamp. It takes some practice to use, and it won’t work in tight spaces where even a hose clamp is a tight squeeze, but it does turn high-quality stainless steel wire into hose clamps that meet U.S. Coast Guard standards, suitable for high-pressure fuel, hydraulics, or plumbing. We see potential for whipping, lashing, and plain old jury rigging, as well.

Essentially, the device uses a screw and leverage to shape stainless-steel wire into extremely tight clamps, much tighter than ordinary hose clamps. This comes in particularly handy for quick repairs. We used it to clamp two mismatched hoses and fix the headboard of our daysailer. And this hurricane season we’ll be seizing our chafe gear in place with the tool.

Contact - Clamptite Tools, 800/962-2901,

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