Chandlery November 2007 Issue

For the Grinder

With Dax, one touch is enough.

You might recall a February 2007 Chandlery review of the Lewmar OneTouch winch handle. The handle’s inventer, Don Steiner, has come out with his own, updated, lighter weight version, the Dax OneTouch.


Steiner engineered the OneTouch and sold the license to Lewmar for the metal version, but his Dax OneTouch is made of 50 percent fiber-filled nylon, and all metal parts are high-grade aluminum or stainless. It also has a wider grab bar and higher operatng arc than the Lewmar.

The great thing about the OneTouch’s innovative technology is that it eliminates the frustrations of using standard locking winch handles. The simple design uses a cam rod with two steel pins that retract into the octagon when the handle’s arm is squeezed, releasing the lock; they protract when the handle is released, engaging the lock. This means setting and removing the handle can be done with one hand, in one motion: Squeeze the bar and place it; squeeze the bar and remove it.

Another benefit of the Dax OneTouch is the spinning grip. Dual sets of Grade 1 Delrin ball bearings allow fast and easy grinding. And at 10 inches, the handle offers plenty of purchase.

Dax OneTouch
The Dax OneTouch locks/unlocks with a grab of the handle arm. This engages two retractable pins in the octagon. The grip spins on Delrin ball bearings (above).

Practical Sailor

tested the Dax on several boats, from a Cape Dory 25 to a Pearson 39, under varying conditions, and found it easy to use every time we put our hand on it. The handle has become so popular among our local club racers that it has turned up in our competitors’ cockpits. The only negative thing about the handle&emdash;which we inadvertently discovered in the middle of Sarasota Bay&emdash;is that despite its light weight (1.24 pounds), it doesn’t float. The Dax OneTouch is sold online for $104.


Dax One Touch (Dax Labs)

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