Chandlery February 2009 Issue

The Great Metal Polish Showdown

Powerball puts a spin on boat metal polishing; Miracle Cloth holds top spot.

Practical Sailor

last tested metal polishes in March 2007, and the best choice for most jobs was the Miracle Cloth. The treated cloth’s best feature is its ease of use.

Testers compared four different polishes. While the Powerball worked on tough jobs, it also required cleaning after use.

Since that test, Practical Sailor has come across a couple other products: another impregnated cloth product called the NautiKlean, two cloths that are meant to be used together; and Mothers Power Metal, a polish that can be used with the drill-mounted Powerball, a foam ball that allows power polishing around curves and in tight spaces. There’s also a smaller mini-Powerball.

Testers pitted the NautiKlean cloths and the Mothers mini-Powerball and Power Metal Polish against the Miracle Cloth on a variety of metals, including anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze. Testers also included a one-year-old tub of Prism Polish, a conventional polish that did well in the last test.

The Miracle Cloth was consistently favored over the NautiKlean. The Powerball excelled on tough jobs, like mildly pitted aluminum. Although it required mixing, the Prism Polish worked as well as Mothers when used with a rag, and it outlasted our Miracle Cloth.

Bottom line: Miracle Cloth is the champ for day-to day cleaning, while the Powerball is good for big jobs. Prism Polish is good on stainless, and one tub goes a long way.

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