Where Credit is Due March 2012 Issue

Where Credit is Due: March 2012

Smart Plug

Smart Plug

I read your article on Smart Plug and its robust shore-power solutions (PS, June 2010). I followed up with Smart Plug (www.smartplug.com) and purchased their boat-side inlet and connector kit. I have been very happy with the product, since I’ve never had any water in the inlet after the installation.

I was using a thick power cord designed for larger amp loads with the unit. Unfortunately, the cord got damaged, and I had to replace the cord with a new, but lighter gauge. The only problem was the back-end seal of the plug was made for the heavier damaged cable.

Smart Plug does not have a distributor in Turkey, so I contacted them to see if they would sell me a replacement seal. Their sales manager, Brian, not only responded within a day, but he also shipped a package of two full sets of replacement seals—both for the plug and the inlet— free of charge! Mind you, this is a service to Turkey!

Now that is what I call great customer service.

Ergun Hepvar
Selin, Bavaria 42CR
Istanbul, Turkey




In 1977, I bought a new CF33 (3/4 tonner) from Dencho Marine. We have raced the boat quite hard. In this past Christmas regatta, we broke the locking lever on the spinnaker pole. I called the maker, Forespar (www.forespar.com), and talked to a very nice lady who turned me over to tech rep Randy Risvold. He knew the part I needed and said he would send it right out at no charge! Forespar made my Christmas!

Al Castllon
Hot Rum, CF33
Redondo Beach, Calif.

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