PS Advisor October 2016 Issue

Tips for Preventing Head Clogs

Start with some water in the bowl. It keeps the smell down and helps soften the paper.

Extra flushes: If your business plus the required tissue is going to be excessive, there is nothing wrong with a flush before wiping. The extra water will help prevent embarrassing and inconvenient clogging. You really can use as much TP as required, if you flush often.

Pump enough: With a manual toilet, pump one stroke (set on wet) per foot of hose is needed to move the waste all the way to the tank; six strokes is a good starting point. Follow this with the same number of dry pumping strokes to clear the line and bowl, if you will be away for a while or will be sailing.

Donít try to stretch holding-tank capacity by economizing on water. More water equals easier pumpouts. A good head treatment (see PS December 2012 online) also helps by breaking down the waste.

Provide zip-top plastic bags for other disposables that should not be in the head. (We keep a few in the medicine cabinet and a few tucked behind the wastebasket for fast and easy access.)

Donít add oil. Cooking oil increases hard tank deposits. Lube the pump with synthetic grease, following the ownerís manual advice.

Post head-use instructions and a list of doníts in the head. Donít be shy about instructing guests. Itís better to go over it beforehand than when it becomes a problem and is embarrassing for all.†

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