Mailport September 2018 Issue

Weather & Navigation Seminars Set for October 2018

ralph naranjo
PS Editor Ralph Naranjo will be teaching two courses in Annapolis, MD this fall.

If youíre headed to the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis October 4-8, we encourage you to stick around a few days to pick up some wisdom from Practical Sailorís Technical Editor Ralph Naranjo. Ralph will be teaching a couple of his signature courses at the school in downtown Annapolis during the days shortly after the show.

On October 9-10, heíll be conducting a 2-day introduction to celestial navigation. The course covers introduction to the basic skills required for celestial navigation. Topics include introduction to taking a sun sights with a sextant, reading time and arc, using sight reduction tables (Publication 229), reducing sights by calculator, and identifying celestial bodies.

October 13-14, Ralph will be focusing on weather. The 12-hour, two-day course covers national and regional weather and the essential tools and skills needed to make smart decisions at sea, or when planning a day sail or cruise. Topics include cloud identification, effect of tides and currents on sea state, fog, and a deep dive into the free, publicly available marine weather analysis and forecast products.

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