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The Curse of the Mystery Mooring Chain

We’d like to say mooring chains like the one pictured above are a rare occurrence, but they are not—especially when you get off the beaten track and find yourself in unregulated mooring fields where the law of the jungle prevails. We’ve seen moorings like this in even “high-end” clubs, and for anyone who is familiar with our dozens of anchor chain tests over the years, this may come as no surprise.

A Look at Sailboat Design: Fin Keels vs. Full Keels

When a keel tears away from a sailboats hull, it makes the loss of a rig or rudder seem like a minor inconvenience. History shows that its an uncommon occurrence, but because we now annually hear of such incidents, weve decided to take a closer look at keels and see what keeps the ballast where it belongs. Keeping the keel attached is as important as keeping the crew safely on board. And for the offshore monohull sailor, preventing a keel loss, like preventing crew overboard, requires some informed forethought.

Mailport 02/15/99

Keel BoltsYour October 1, 1998 issue had a PS Advisor on keel bolts. My experience removing large nuts and bolts on B 52 bombers...

PS Advisor 10/01/98

Keel Bolt ConundrumWe have owned an Allied 39 for 23 years. She was built in 1970 and among her strengths is an external lead...

Mailport 04/15/01

Dripless Shaft SealsRegarding your November 1, 2000 comparison of dripless shaft seals, I have some comments about the PYI/PSS brand (the non-flow version). First...

The Catalina 25

The Catalina 25 is not exceptionally fast, stylish, or spacious compared to newer widebody models, and while the construction and workmanship are adequate, they too are not exceptional. But because of the builder's strict adherence to a philosophy of offering a relatively spacious design, relatively well made, at a reasonable price, and backing up the product with generally good customer service, the Catalina 25 has turned out to be one of the most successful small cruising sailboats ever built, with 5,332 boats sold between 1976 and 1990, when the company ceased producing the model as demand tailed off.

Mailport 10/01/98

Sticky Anchor ChainFor our Brewer 12.8 I recently bought new galvanized chain for the electric windlass. The galvanizing made the chain quite rough, causing...

Cheeki Rafiki Loss Puts Spotlight on Keels-Again

If youve been following the tragic story of Cheeki Rafiki, the Beneteau First 40.7 that lost its keel with fatal consequences while crossing the Atlantic last week, and youre sailing a production boat with a similar high-aspect, deep-ballast keel, you might be asking yourself, Should I be concerned?

The Dual-Purpose C&C 33 Mark II

When the C&C company shut down operations in 1986, it was big news in the North American boating community. Since the companys formation in 1969, it had been a stalwart of the industry-the leading Canadian builder, by far, and one of the major brands wherever fiberglass sailboats raced or cruised.


The J/24's PHRF rating ranges from 165 to 174, depending on the handicapper. The J/24 is best suited for racing; there are many boats in her size range that are far more comfortable and practical for daysaiIing. However, the J/24 is a joy to sail under mainsail alone. Unlike most boats, she balances and sails upwind at a respectable speed, and her maneuverability gives her tremendous freedom in crowded harbors.