Keep Mildew at Bay.

Now, with this new 2-part series from Practical Sailor, you’ll learn everything you need to know about having a mildew-free boat.

Volume One: The Mildew-Free Boat: Cleaning and Protecting Fabrics and Plastics 

Practical Sailor’s The Mildew-Free Boat, Volume One: Cleaning and Protecting Fabrics and Plastics is your guide to a clean looking and smelling boat. Don’t give up and assume mold and mildew is an inevitable part of boating. Getting and keeping your boat ship-shape is within reach.

Volume Two: The Mildew-Free Boat: Cleaning and Protecting for Storage

Stopping mildew requires maintaining the delicate balance of moisture, light and air movement. And this equilibrium is especially difficult once your boat is hauled out for the winter. The Mildew-Free Boat, Volume Two: Cleaning and Protecting for Storage gives you the detailed steps need to keep your boat clean and odor-free through the entire year.

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