Anchoring & Mooring

A Beckson deck plate bag converts to a rode locker with a little bit of creativity.

Bottomless Lockers Be Gone

There is no end to creative applications for this handy organizing trick.

Storage is a challenge on small boats, and my new-to-me Corsair Marine F-24 trimaran was particularly Spartan this regard. The skinny hulls provided minimum volume and the race-focused designer intentionally omitted proper lockers. A performance-oriented boat such as this must be kept light if she is to sail to her potential. But even day sailers and racers attract a certain amount of necessary clutter, sure as honey attracts flies. Something had to be done, and yet, as a new owner it’s tough to know what will best suit your needs and what the boat needs. It’s even harder to cut the first hole. This project was 100 percent non-invasive.

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