Boat Maintenance

Winter reading list spans the globe and explores all genres.

Sailor’s Reading List for 2019

Winter reading list spans the globe and explores all genres.

Few pleasures can compare to the warm comfort of curling up with a good book while another winter front blows through. Whether you’re holing up in the Bahamas waiting for the wind to clock, or tucked beside the woodburning cabin stove in Puget Sound, here are some recent publications to help you dream and scheme your way to your next adventure.

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More Boat Maintenance

Mailport: Dustless Sanding

Regarding your recent Waypoints article about making your own dustless sander (see “Dustless Sander, PS April...

Repairing Plastic Tanks

 Subscribers OnlyPlastic holding tanks and water tanks have the advantage of not corroding, but they are hardly failure proof. Plastic...

Long-term Clear Vinyl Protection

 Subscribers OnlyWhen the clear vinyl on one of our multihull test boats began to crack and fade after approximately 10 years, the...

DIY Materials Testing

 Subscribers OnlyWhile many potential failures are easy to spot, some flaws are hidden under paint or within the structure, or are so...

Best Sailing Gear of 2018

 Subscribers OnlyEach autumn, Practical Sailor’s staff reviews the Best Choice winners from the previous 12 months of gear tests...