Boat Maintenance

Be sure to read your paint’s application instructions. After test showed thinner coats yielded better performance in some of its newer paints, Pettit now recommends 1/4-inch nap or even 1/8-inch nap foam rollers, instead of the usual 3/8-inch nap.

Best Boat Bottom Paint 2017

Impending return of Irgarol 1051 raises questions about environmental priorities.

The list of contradictions that define our sailing affliction is long. We need an anchor that buries deep but can be freed at a moment’s notice. We want a sealant that sticks to anything, but releases its grip for easy disassembly. We want a boat that can weather any storm, and still make way under sail in a whisper. And we want an antifouling paint that repels every sea creature, but will never harm the sea.

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