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Coastal Marine’s Wi-Fi booster: The 8-decibel antenna (1) joins to a Wi-Fi transceiver sealed in a PVC tube (2). Hardware includes a waterproof/UV resistant Ethernet cable (3), a power over Ethernet injector (4), a splitter (5), and a Wi-Fi router (6).

Wi-Fi Booster Versus 4G Cell Data

Wi-Fi setup from Coastal Marine rises to challenge.

Fast, reliable broadband connectivity is often taken for granted ashore. But once you’re out on the water, the digital domain can go downhill fast and access to high-speed, cost-effective digital communications begins to waver. Cellular towers and Wi-Fi hotspots are the inshore sailor’s next best friend, but since Wi-Fi signals are line-of-sight, the range is limited. How these two important links to Web-based communications—cellular and Wi-Fi— work and what you can expect from the technology in the marine sphere is part of our ongoing electronics update.

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