Cruising Sailboats

The popularity of multihulls is prompting even some die-hard monohull sailors to put their boats on the market for an upgrade.

Selling your Sailboat

Prepping your beloved cruiser for sale doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

You want to sell your boat. And you’d like to sell it quickly. What can you do to make that happen? We recently interviewed several brokers and surveyors for advice on what helps, what hurts, and what flaws are sure to come to light when you are trying to sell your boat. Remember that the savvy buyer will always overemphasize the unknown, believing that for every fault they uncover there are three more lurking, and that these will cost more to set right than you say or they think. Fortunately, a well-maintained boat can often be prepped for sale with a relatively small investment in time and money. And if the boat hasn’t been maintained, you’ll want to prioritize the tasks required to draw a willing buyer.

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