The 2015-2016 Clipper Race fleet wraps up this year’s around-the-world race at St. Katherine Docks in London. The Clipper Race sets no sailing experience requirements for its crews, who set out on the 40,000 nautical-mile race aboard 75-foot, ocean-racing yachts.

Risk Management and Renting Adventure

Applying the ‘Swiss Cheese Safety Analogy’ to bluewater sailing.

Oceans may interconnect the planet, but they also act as a barrier, isolating the sailors on opposite shores. Some cruisers and racers bridge the gap, while most keep track of international sailing events and incidents online. Well-run international regattas, around-the-world yacht races, and the globalization of the boatbuilding industry help to spread the word, but—despite such publicity—not all sailing trends reach the opposite shore. That’s why the crew at Practical Sailor does its best to note what’s trending. Usually, it’s a new boat design or piece of hardware that draws our attention, but in this article, we focus on a seafaring controversy: the growing inclination toward renting adventure.

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