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A blend of traditional styling and new materials, Otey Smith’s H-31, designed by L. Francis Herreshoff, sails out of Quahog Bay near Harpswell, ME.

Mailport: Pine Tar Advocate, Snubber Sense, and More!

I was happy to see in the last issue on grease and electronics your willingness to test natural products. For years, I have used pine tar as anti-seize. I first read about it in a series of side bars in the “Mariner’s Catalog” published by International Marine Publishing in the 1970s. They were by Pete Culler and called “Old Ways Work”. He suggested that pine tar was great for keeping bolts, etcetera from rusting together. At the time, I was living in Northern Vermont notorious for bad winter roads with lots of salt. I got some pine tar at the local feed store (used on horses hooves) and tried it on the lug nuts on my truck. Sure enough, they always came right apart.

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