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The Balmar Smartgauge is run through a series of tests to monitor current in a flooded-cell, deep-cycle battery. A ProMariner ProNautic 12-40P battery charger managed charging duties; two 120-volt, 70-watt incandescent light bulbs powered through a Heart 140-watt DC to AC inverter provided the load. A Fluke Model 867B graphical meter and a Blue Sea Systems Model 8110-amp clamp/multimeter confirmed voltage and current draw.

Best Battery Monitor Test Update

Balmar’s intelligent Smartgauge makes installation a breeze

Back in our October 2016 issue we looked at eight battery monitors and compared features, installation needs and overall usability. Unfortunately, we overlooked the Smartgauge made by Balmar. Thanks to our reader’s input we got our hands on one of these recently and ran it through the same test regimen we applied to the other eight monitors.

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