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Although best suited for one person, the Tiwal 3 can be fun for two in a good breeze.

The Sailing Skiff that Fits in a Locker

Tiwal 3 adds a new twist to blow-up boat fun.

Sailing a cruising boat is many things—rewarding, sometimes adventurous, and often relaxing—but seldom viscerally fun, not in the way that a beach cat or performance dinghy saturates the senses and puts you in touch with the wind and waves. It doesn’t communicate every ripple and puff, it doesn’t thrill, and it doesn’t allow you to push the edge. It’s the difference between driving a Winnebago and riding a bicycle. For many of us, our love of sailing began with something fast and volatile, and by-and-by, we miss it dearly. And yet as much as we’d like to strap a Laser or Hobie to the foredeck, that’s not happening.

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