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HMPE rope was unimpressive during side-to-side chafe testing against cinder block.

Dyneema Abrasion Test

Influx of off-brand products prompts study.

As outlined in our previous report on lifelines, high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) fiber rope has revolutionized sailboat rigging during the past decade (see “Fiber lifeline Protection Plan,” PS September 2015 online), however sailors aren’t the only ones benefitting from the introduction of this super-strong, low-stretch cordage. Virtually any application that once employed a stranded wire-rope—ranging from tow cables to hoists—is now also served by HMPE. The widespread availability of generic brands of this super-strong, low-stretch cordage made us curious. How do these non-marine brand products compare to known marine brands? And what types are best suited for the various sailboat applications?

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