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The Pontos Grinder winch, above far right, and the Selden reversing winch, below, brought innovative features into the winch mix.

2017 Top Sailing Gear

Testers and editors name 2017 Editors’ Choice lineup.

Each year, just prior to the fall boat show season, Practical Sailor editors consult with our testers to come up with a select list of Gear of the Year from the previous 12 months of testing. For most of the 2016-2017 testing season we focused on essential “everyday” products that owners of boats of all sizes—with a few exceptions—rely on. While our testers appreciate new technology, they recognize that a safe passage often depends on the reliability of the weakest link, and that weakest link is often a seemingly minor component that gets little attention. In short, our Editors’ Choice list is not the sexiest product roundup, but if you’re serious about keeping your electrical connections corrosion free, making professional repairs on a blue-collar budget, maintaining a safe speed in a steep following sea, or looking for a way to manage a big genoa without upgrading to an electric winch, you’ll appreciate it.

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