Mailport March 2012 Issue

Mailport: March 2012

Holding Tank Additives

Great article on holding tank odor products (February 2012). I was surprised that you missed one that prides itself of the amount of bacteria in each bottle: BacTankT3 ( by Nolan Bio Labs. I am not the manufacturer, but we do stock the product here at Amanzi-Marine (

We stock it because it is the best in class we have ever found, and its

priced right from a retail perspective—not the most expensive and not the cheapest. We don’t stock anything else for holding tanks.

John Jacobi, Amanzi-Marine
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

After trying different chemicals to alleviate the odor from the head on our Tartan 37C, I had settled on Odorlos as being the best of the bunch. After using Odorlos for a year or so, I stumbled upon Happy Campers (, an RV product. I ordered some and was immediately impressed: The lingering smell that Odorlos left behind was totally removed with Happy Campers. I’m not sure how it works, but this is now my product of choice. Maybe you can put Happy Campers on your list to test for the next round?

Richard Foy
Salvation, Tartan 37C
Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan

Thanks for the heads up. We will try to test the BacTankT3 and Happy Campers in our next round of evaluations of tank-odor solutions.

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