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Your New Feature-Packed VHF Radio

In the ever-evolving realm of maritime communication, Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Automatic Identification System (AIS) have emerged as game-changers within the latest models of fixed-base, moderately priced VHF radios. This technology not only transforms how mariners connect at sea but also elevates response...
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How to Select Crew for a Passage or Delivery

Lots of skippers—in fact probably most—do not want to sail solo and I am the last person to try to encourage them to change their mind. It is not a badge of honor to be a solo sailor, nor does it ‘prove’ anything, and...
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New Marine Fire Suppression Tools

A new generation of fire extinguishers, resembling a fat flare in appearance, promise to solve most of the problems of standard fire extinguishers. The biggest problem with traditional fire extinguishers is extinguishing rate. The typical 5BC extinguisher is often spent in as little as 10...
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What You Can Learn on a Quick Test Sail

Summer is in the air. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and everyones fancy turns to boat buying (you were expecting me to something more rational, like love maybe?). A test sail is a great way to weed out the painted vixens before spending your...
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Cabo Rico’s Classic Cutter

If we made a short list of traditional-looking cruising boats with trailboards and oodles of teak that dreamy-eyed readers most want to know about, the Cabo Rico 38 would be near the top. Others of her ilk, like the Canadian-built Gozzard 37 and 44,...

The Great Loop – The Basics

Join us this week as we discuss taking a sailboat around North America's great boating adventure - The Great Loop. We discuss advice from...
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