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For the same price as a tacky tie, you can get the sailors on your list accessories they’ll actually like—and use. Marine hardware manufacturer Harken has come out with a line of stylish purses (2518), wallets (2517), and mini-duffel bags (2589) made of sail material. The purses come in several designs and colors, and the sail fabric is water-resistant, so purse contents stay dry even during those dinghy rides to shore. Testers did note that the sail material is a bit noisier than typical purse materials, so just be sure not to go digging for the chapstick at the bottom of the bag during a meeting. Also, we noticed some of the sail-cloth purse designs are semi-transparent, which makes it easier to find items but not may not appeal to all purse-toters.

The Harken wallets are tri-fold with a Velcro closure and come in white, yellow, or black sail-cloth material. They feature five slots for credit cards and one clear pocket for an ID, but there is no zippered pocket for loose change. The durable sail-cloth material did not make the wallets hot or bulky when carried in the pocket, testers noted.

Unlike some sail-cloth accessories we’ve come across, the Harken line is affordable, with prices ranging from $20 to $30.

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