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Bargain-priced Sailing Clothes for Cold Weather

The first real winter blast of the year poked south of the 25th parallel this week, as sun-seeking sailors as far south as the Keys poked their head out the companionway and decided, "I'd better put on another layer." Whether you want to cruise the higher latitudes or extend your sailing season this winter, the right clothing is important. Over the years, Practical Sailor has published a number of tests and reports on the clothing that keep us warm when the wind chill dips toward freezing.

Mailport: January 2021

Mustang Coveralls With regard to your recently re-posted report “Cold Water Survival” (see Practical Sailor, March 2019), I bought a Mustang Anti-Exposure Coverall many years...

Life Jackets for Active, Racing Sailors

For this test, we rounded up seven flotation aids from four manufacturers: Float Tech, Gill, Spinlock, and Stohlquist. The test field included an inflatable rash guard, foam racing-style life vests, inflatable PFD-harness combinations, and PFDs designed specifically for women. Only the Stohlquist PFDs meet U.S. Coast Guard standards, but all have innovative features and offer increased comfort and mobility over many Type I and Type II PFDs.

Don’t Be Fooled by Warmer Air Temps

As air temperatures in the northern hemisphere warm enough for sailors to start spending time on the water, boating safety experts are reminding sailors...

Cold Water Survival

When we read about a sailor lost overboard in the storm, we think about PFDs and personal locator beacons, and accept the sea is unforgiving. When we read of novice boaters drowning in a local lake, were sad, but say that will not happen us because we wear PFDs. But when we read of a PFD-equipped sailor falling overboard and dying within minutes its a real eye-opener.

The Chilling Facts About Cold Water Survival

After living in Florida for so many years, it is easy to forget the risks associated with colder waters, as the video on cold-water survival that I have included in this weeks blog post demonstrates. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the risk of drowning increases nearly five times if the water temperature is below 59 degrees. That puts many sailors in the Northeast, West Coast, and Great Lakes areas at risk for most, if not all of the year.

Mailport: March 2021

Lifesling Cautionary Tale I want to add to the comments about Lifesling web failures (see PS August 2016 “Lifesling Webbing Beckets Fail”) Last summer, my...

Scrubbis Test Defies Skeptics

We like premium multi-season paints, particularly for sailors who sail year round. The copper leaches into the water more slowly than single season paints...

Mailport: June 2021

WINCH GREASE FALSE SAVINGS? With regards to your report on winch grease (see PS February 2017, “Budget Priced Winch Grease,”), price is a small consideration...

In Search of the $50 Rescue Float

Recovering a person in the water is a daunting problem. If the seas are rough enough to fall overboard, it’s not easy to hold...