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Mailport: Dinghy Rollers, Prop Paints, Bosun chairs

DINGHY BEACH ROLLERS Regarding your Inside PS blog, “Building a Better Boat Fender,” inflatable dinghy beach rollers also work great as fenders. They serve two purposes (if you also ever need a beach roller) and are very, very rugged (made for use on gravel beaches). But, the best part is they are fairly long so […]

Rebuilding a Cape Dory 36 Part II

In Part I of this series, I described the steps we took to set our rebuild up for success. Part II describes our gutting the interior, painting the topsides and designing and installing the interior. As described in Part I, we chose a Cape Dory 36. The effort expended in rebuilding a substandard boat is […]

Mailport: Headsets, Factory AC, Cowboy Coffee

PRAISE FOR EARTEC A few months ago we purchased the Eartec UL2S UltraLITE Wireless Microphone System. We tested them at home and detected a slight and occasional buzz. I phoned Eartec and the customer service provided by Adam Carlson was fantastic. He immediately emailed me a return shipping label and a couple days later I […]

Rebuilding a Cape Dory 36

This is Part 1 in a multi-part series detailing the rebuilding of our then 35 year old Cape Dory 36 sailboat. The purpose of...

A Rough Game Plan for Tackling the Dodger

Like most equipment found aboard sailboats, canvas work quality is linked to the material chosen and how the parts are put together. In this case, the parts range from fabrics, zippers, clear plastic and thread to stainless steel tubing, fasteners and the mounting hardware that connects the metal framework and anchors the fabric to the […]

Mailport: Noise control, outboard maintenance, fuel tanks, powerline safety

E15 IN CARBURETORS I enjoyed your E15 fuel article in the September edition of Practical Sailor “Gas Engine Owners Beware of E15.” I don’t think that the picture of the carb bowl you featured really showed how much damage ethanol fuel can do to the inside of carbs though. Please see the attached pictures of the inside of […]

Mailport: Noise control, outboard maintenance, fuel tanks, powerline safety

A RESOUNDING CLARIFICATION Regarding the blog post, “Reducing Boat Noise,” I wonder if this is correct: “The actual noise level in the cabin will depend on the distance between the engine box and the cabin; sound levels drop by 6 decibels each time you double the distance from the source.” Isn’t that the noise drop […]

It’s Hard to Beat Needle and Palm for Hand Stitching

Torn canvas is no fun for the sailor, but there is something uniquely satisfying about making repairs or hand-stitching new creations using needle and thread. Whether you want to whip the ends on your jib sheets, sew-in new tell-tales, or stitch an eye in rope that doesn’t like splices, basic marlinspike skills are essential for […]

Stitching Awl vs. Leather Palm for Sail Repair

Got a small sail or canvas repair? “Get a Speedy Stitcher!” is common advice, though rarely from someone experienced in sail repair. Sure, it seems like a great solution. Every chandlery sells them. They can push through heavy cloth, doing work a common hand sewing needle and thread can’t touch. But sail making or sail […]

Mailport: Sealant advice, sandblasting warning, tool bags

MORE 4000UV FAILURES With regard to your recent report on the sudden failure of 3M 4000UV, I like the product for its resistance to UV (see Inside PS blog post, “PS Seeking Reports of 3M 4000UV Failure”), I have noticed that it has a very definite shelf life. I’m a former boatyard operator, and what […]