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Practical Sailor 2015 Index

Practical Sailor 2015 Index

Navigating by iPad Using eSeaChart and ActiveCaptain

In advance of a recent summer coastal cruise, we downloaded eSeaChart navigation app, the first iPad charting program to work with Active Captain, a free service that requires registration. It cost $8 and took only a few minutes to download the charts needed for the cruising area-from Tampa to Ft. Myers, Fla.-including detailed harbor charts. One thing I liked about the charts was that they were raster charts, nearly identical to the government versions that appeal to my analog brain. Redraw rates were a little slow, as a result, but at sailboat speeds, this isn't a major issue.

Gear of the Year — Top Products of 2005

After reviewing the 2005 issues of the magazine, we've selected a mix of products made to improve safety, navigation, and maintenance, as well a distinctive vessel.

Frers 41

The term "racer/cruiser" has been used by many builders to describe their products, with varying degrees of truthfulness. Some are really cruising boats fashioned after racing boats, but only competitive in races at the club level. Some are pure racing boats, with perhaps a dodger and an enclosed head added to qualify them as cruisers. This series of Frers/Carroll Marine boats, however, are "racer/cruisers" in the truest sense.